Dog Friendly Beaches

We have just returned from a wonderful sunny weekend break away to North Cornwall.

We managed to find dog friendly accommodation so Joey was able to have a little holiday too.

Cornwall provides beautiful walks for you and your dog, and also has lots of dog friendly pubs and cafes for you to stop in for a pint of Raddler or afternoon tea! It was also so lovely to see dog water bowls outside of the shops in all of the villages we visited.

However at this time of year most beaches have restrictions for dogs being allowed on the beach. Which is such a shame as there is nothing quite like seeing dogs running free on the beach, they look so happy and I love seeing the paw prints in the sand! Also for some it allows for their fist experience of swimming in the sea, take a look at this one!

Joey the Sea Dog

We did find this website which was really helpful, it shows you which beaches allow dogs near you and provides information on what the restrictions are off lead/on lead, designated dog areas etc.

Aside from seasonal beach restrictions Cornwall really is a very dog friendly place.