Helena is a real animal lover, with lots of experience with a variety of animals. Helena adores meeting and getting to know all dogs but is a bit of a fan of the smaller breeds.

Favorite walk: Uphill beach
Likes: “That” puppy smell and paw shakes
Bad habits: Talking endlessly about dogs
Helena smiling and holding Joey the dog


Marion has had dogs for over forty years and has experience of various breeds. Over time Marion has acquired a bit of soft spot for any breed of spaniel, it’s those ears! Marion loves getting to know each individual dog and learning about their needs.

Favorite walk: Blaise Castle
Likes: Wagging tails and contented dogs
Bad habits: Allowing dogs to sleep on settees
Marion and Louie the golden labrador, both sat on the grass, at the coast


Joey is a gorgeous Papshund(Papillion/Dashund cross) rescued from the wonderful Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in Long Ashton. He is three years old. Joey loves nothing more than going out for group walks and showing everyone that he may be small but that he is a big dog at heart.

Favorite walk: Badock woods: Joey gets to swim and have a good nose in the woods
Likes: Chasing seagulls and swimming
Bad habits: Chews post
Joey, a black and white daschund/papillion cross


Louie is a wise and wonderful Golden Labrador. He loves making new friends and give him a ball and he can give the younger dogs a run for their money!

Favorite walk: Ashton court
Likes: Catching ball and belly tickles
Bad habits: Fox poop rolling
Louie, a golden labrador, wearing a silly hat

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