Helena is a real animal lover, with lots of experience with a variety of animals. Helena adores meeting and getting to know all dogs but is a bit of a fan of the smaller breeds.

Main role: Group dog walker and general management
Favorite walk: Uphill beach
Likes: “That” puppy smell and paw shakes
Bad habits: Talking endlessly about dogs
Helena having her face licked by a dog


Marion has had dogs for over forty years and has experience of various breeds. Over time Marion has acquired a bit of soft spot for any breed of spaniel, it’s those ears! Marion loves getting to know each individual dog and learning about their needs.

Main role: Administrative support and holiday cover
Favorite walk: Blaise Castle
Likes: Wagging tails and contented dogs
Bad habits: Allowing dogs to sleep on settees
Marion and Louie the golden labrador, both sat on the grass, at the coast


Joey is a gorgeous Papshund(Papillion/Dashund cross) rescued from the wonderful Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in Long Ashton. He is 8 years old. Joey loves nothing more than going out for group walks and showing everyone that he may be small but that he is a big dog at heart.

Main role: The Face of Dog Tales
Favorite walk: Badock woods: Joey gets to swim and have a good nose in the woods
Likes: Chasing seagulls and swimming
Bad habits: Chews post
Joey, a black and white daschund/papillion cross


Keith grew up with dogs and has hands on experience of looking after, and walking Collies, Retrievers and Labradors especially.

Main role: Group dog walker
Favorite walk: Leight Woods
Likes: Larger breeds of dog
Bad habits: Letting the water loving dogs have a splash!
Keith the dog walker


Hannah is a family friend who is very experienced with dogs and has two rescue dogs of her own, Lottie the Cockapoo and Bella the Chihuahua.

Main role: Visits and group walks
Favorite walk: Ashton Court
Likes: Puppy play
Bad habits: Spending time researching the latest dog home accessories
Hannah with her dogs

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