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Looking after your dog on Bonfire night

November the 5th, Guy Fawkes night. We are looking forward to seeing the fireworks light up the sky and having sparklers around the bonfire! It is a great time for humans but please remember it is a very scary time for our pets. Loud bangs and flashes of light coming from no where is terrifying…

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Cool Dog

We have had some glorious sunshine recently, and as dog walkers we have felt very smug to be out in it all day walking the dogs. However this heat is not so good for our doggie friends. Hot cars, hot pavements, and thick coats causes hot dogs! On these extra warm days we have stuck…

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Dog Friendly Beaches

We have just returned from a wonderful sunny weekend break away to North Cornwall. We managed to find dog friendly accommodation so Joey was able to have a little holiday too. Cornwall provides beautiful walks for you and your dog, and also has lots of dog friendly pubs and cafes for you to stop in…

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Portmanteau Dogs

I came across this article on this lovely sunny Bank Holiday morning all about the rise in popularity of the fashionable cross breeds. Such breeds are the Puggle (Beagle X Pug), Labradoodle (Labrador X Poodle) and the Cavashon (Cavalier X Bishon). Whilst out on dog walks we do meet some of these crossbreed dogs, the…

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Watch out ticks about!

We have been having some lovely sunny dog walking weather recently, but unfortunately with the mild wet winter we have had there has been an increase of nasty ticks. Ticks are most common in areas where deer are present, which means Ashton Court and Leigh Woods in Bristol will be of high risk. More details…

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Chocolate for humans, not dogs

It is the time of year where we let ourselves have an extra treat or two, in the form of chocolate! Great for us but not for dogs. You can buy dog friendly chocolate in pet stores, and chocolate drops for dogs in supermarkets, but the chocolate we eat is poisonous to dogs. Please be…

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Easter Weekend

This Easter weekend we are making the most of this lovely weather to find new spots to walk our dogs. Yesterday we walked to Paradise Bottom in Leigh Woods. Following a path downhill through the woods, you come to a very picturesque pool “Paradise Bottom”. Perfect for the dogs, as it provides a cool walk,…

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Important info – New unknown dog disease

Whilst browsing through the news pages today I came across an article which is very important for us dog walkers and owners to be aware of. It was in the news in January but unfortunately it seems the unknown dog disease is still taking dogs lives in the UK. Experts and vets do not know…

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Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary Auction Ends Today!

We here at Dog Tales are dedicated supporters of Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary based in Long Ashton. They are an independent charity who without Government or National Lottery funding rely solely on donations And fundraising. The work they do is amazing. We have adopted most of our family pets over the years from Holly Hedge, including…

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Dog walking in the sun

Today was another lovely sunny dog walking day. I was on my way to Coombe Dingle but due to a road closure I was diverted and what a great divert it turned out to be! I found a nice new place to dog walk (well new for me) in Shirehampton Park, Bristol. Beautiful woods surround…

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