Important info – New unknown dog disease

Whilst browsing through the news pages today I came across an article which is very important for us dog walkers and owners to be aware of.

It was in the news in January but unfortunately it seems the unknown dog disease is still taking dogs lives in the UK.

Experts and vets do not know what causes this disease but think the disease is similar to Alabama Rot, which is caused by a rare form of Ecoli.

The majority of the cases have been reported in the New Forest area but there have been cases in various locations across the UK. As far as we are aware no cases have been reported in Bristol, however it is worth us all being vigilant and aware of what the symptons are. If you see any of the following symptons in your dog even if it’s a week after a particular walk take your dog straight to the vet.

Skin lesions on the chest, legs, abdomen
Loss of appetite

If you would like to read more, follow this link:

Alabama Rot